EVENTS and MOTORCYCLE Concentrations of Spain in 2021

For a motorcycle enthusiast  there is nothing better than traveling with his machine in complete freedom. But when he gets together with one or more like him, moments become unforgettable experiences. This brotherhood of bikers allows them to give free rein to that spirit that consists of a mixture of  camaraderiefriendshipcomplicity  and  good vibes  between them and their  families . It’s like talking about the “third half” of rugby, but on motorcycles. Do you like the idea of ​​joining these groups? You are in the right place!

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In  Spain  there are many  concentrations  dedicated to the world of  motorcycling . Even every year a new one comes out. Due to COVID-19, many of them had to cancel their events in 2020, but this year little by little these  motorcycle events have been complying with the health regulations so that they can take place. For this reason, we have wanted to compile some of the most interesting ones that we can attend.

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Best Motorcycle Concentrations in Spain

penguins 2022

The  international biker concentration of penguins  organized by the  Turismoto club  began in the year 82 of the last century, in a pine forest near the Duero river not far from Valladolid. It is a winter concentration, so it is very  cold, with snow, rain , and sometimes temperatures below zero. For this reason, these fans are called purebred “motards”. It is the largest gathering in our country, with a record of almost 35,000 registered.

In the concentration, in addition to the talks in front of the  bonfires , the “Golden Penguin” is awarded to the personalities who have contributed the most to improving the world of motorcycles, and the “Great New Year’s Eve and New Year Party” is celebrated. Biker ”, toasting with cava and twelve pine nuts. You can also eat, there are concerts and routes in the surroundings, but the most emotional thing each year is  the torchlight parade , where homage is paid to deceased motorists. If you have the need to tell anecdotes and prove to yourself what you are capable of, this is your concentration.

  • Date : It is celebrated the second weekend of January.
  • Location : Valladolid

The Legend Continues

This  international biker rally  is also held on the second weekend of January, it is a division of  penguins  and it was born with the intention of returning to the essence of the first rallies. Less crowded, although close to 10,000 attendees gather, it seeks more intimacy trying to create a large family that meets every year.

As every year, the  Legend Continues  awaits the bikers with open arms, ready to spend a long weekend of authentic camaraderie, sharing the many activities that are enthusiastically prepared for them, and enjoying an atmosphere, a natural environment and unique heritage. Camping in a pine forest where the creation of bonfires with the distribution of firewood is   encouraged and attempts are made to warm up with high-calorie food. There are also concerts, shows, routes through the surroundings, the “golden legend” awards and an exciting “torchlight parade” to remember the deceased motorists. If what you are looking for is to revive the first editions of penguins, this is your concentration.

  • Date : Second weekend of January
  • Location : Segovia

Arguis Winter Meeting

The Arguis winter meeting has more than 40 editions, it is the   oldest motorcycle meeting in Spain. With the motto:  “Friends gather and strangers gather” , they differ from other events. In addition, in these meetings you will not find music, tents or animations, leaving the leading role to the stories and reflections of people who love  motorcycling . For this reason, the Arguis winter meeting has great prestige and has become a meeting place for the most traveling and adventurous motorcyclists from all over Europe.

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Unlike concentrations, this is free and practically free, so that the almost symbolic price that is paid barely covers the cost of the organization; In addition, the places are limited by the ecological value of the place of concentration.

  • Date : December 16
  • Location : Aragonese Pyrenees


The  Motauros biker concentration  has been held since 2001 with the aim that the participants have a good time, for this they organize hot showers, cleaning service, firewood for the bonfires and private security with the aim that everything runs smoothly.

Live concerts are held, a more than acceptable stew is eaten and local sweets are eaten for breakfast, courtesy of a local pastry shop. Fireworks and a torchlight parade  to remember deceased motorists. In addition, they give out  prizes to  the biker who has come the furthest and to the motorcycle club that has registered the greatest number of members. It is one of the concentrations best valued by the authorities because it helps to know the province of Valladolid.

  • Date : Mid-January
  • Place : Valdegalindo area, Tordesillas, Valladolid

Valentine’s Biker Concentration

The biker concentration for “San Valentín” is an event organized by the  Indalicos rock , made up mostly of  couples who love  motorcycles  and revelry. In 1996, this organization was formed as a non-profit sports association. The objective is to ride your motorcycle with your partner or both on their respective machines, and have a good time; In addition to making their own routes that are spectacular.

This event is paid per couple and lasts 3 days. The idea is to go for a weekend and have a good time in Mojácar, with your boyfriend, girlfriend or friends. There are always musical groups. Registration includes the hotel with parking and live concerts. Last year or this year it could not be done due to the health emergency.

Date : February 7, 8 and 9
Place : Almería


Motorcycle Concentration in Lake Sanabria

The “Lago de Sanabria” biker concentration has been held for 28 years. Registration includes backpack or helmet bag, t-shirt, pin, torch light for the torch march and access to the camping area. There are also motorcycle routes in which soft drinks and skewers are distributed. During the torchlight parade, hot chocolate is served. On the last day, 20 hams are raffled. Make sure you have room on the motorcycle or you can take one as a package.

This traditional concentration, in 2020, should have completed its twenty-eighth edition, but it had to be canceled due to the Coronavirus. From Motos Sanabria they have been speeding up the processes so that it can be carried out this year.

  • Date : Second week of July
  • Location : Sanabria Bridge (Galende)

Volta a Majorca International

Volta a Mallorca international, organized by the club half a mile, is a  motorcycle concentration  that has been taking place for 44 years. Although it was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, an attempt is being made to set the new date. It is a party that year after year never ceases to surprise locals and strangers alike with the high rate of participation, around 7,000 very heterogeneous participants as it brings together groups from all social sectors, of all ages and from all over Spain. The “International Tour of Mallorca by Motorcycle” is eligible for the FIM World Touring Challenge calendar and also eligible for the Spanish Motorcycle Touring Cup.

The concentration travels approximately 300 kilometers through almost the entire perimeter of the island. It has its starting point and concentration in the Balearic capital and consists of two routes, the first through the Tramuntana mountains in the north of the island and the second that runs through the bay of Pollensa and Alcudia and ends in the center of the island. There are 260 km designed for any type of motorcycle and the only requirement is to do it in a certain time, passing the controls that appear on the road map.

  • Date : April
  • Place : Majorca

two lions

The ‘Dos Leones’ motorcycle concentration was born from the work and union of two motorcycle clubs from Aranda de Duero: Gárgolas and Todomoto Aranda. There are camping areas, meals, motorcycle routes, gifts, wine tasting, motorcycle games, bike show, motorcycle shows, prizes, airbrushing demonstration, visit to area wineries, torchlight parade, concerts, etc.

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Unfortunately, after 18 editions, the 2020 edition had to be suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis, since the health of its approximately 1,500 participants could not be guaranteed. By 2021 you can expect them to return with more enthusiasm with the traditional concerts.

  • Date : First weekend of June
  • Place : Aranda de Duero fairground (Burgos)


This biker concentration began, as the organizers say, at the bar of a bar and continued with that very Spanish thing of challenging the one who proposed it with: “There are no eggs.” Six years later, a kind of penguins is still being organized in Castilla La Mancha with parties, music, tapas routes, food, talks and a good atmosphere.

To sleep, you can camp for free in the municipal sports center, but even when indoors, remember to bring a sleeping bag. In each edition, the previous one is far exceeded in every way; attendance of lovers of two wheels, desire to have fun, and above all, in a good atmosphere and camaraderie. Motorcycle lovers arrive from Almadén, Chillón, Alcaracejos, Capilla, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Logroño, etc….

Date : Third weekend of January
Place : Guadalmez (Ciudad Real)


Winter Concentration of Motorcycles Villa de Rota

This popular motorcycle event is organized by the Moto Club Roteño , founded in 1977, and the collaboration of the Rota City Council. It receives the visit of thousands of bikers and visitors, becoming a tourist attraction on the last weekend of January. In the last edition, it hosted 22,000 bikers, thus breaking all records. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the date has been changed to June. 

The “Villa de Rota” Winter Concentration is a classic among motorcycle fans who have this event marked in red on the calendar, not in vain, it is one of the oldest held in the country and one of the best rated.

The party includes a gift bag, welcome beer or soft drink, cloakroom, guarded parking and camping, free WI-FI zone, bar with tapas and portions, biker stands, ambient music, acrobatic exhibition, tourist tour in Villa de Rota, flight of a live harrier , an exhibition of American cars, assistance from the American army and SEPRONA.

  • Date : June
  • Location : Rota, Cádiz

Concentration of Motorcycles Villa de Conil

This biker concentration differs from the others because of its children’s area , so the event is more familiar . While you enjoy and share your experiences with other two-wheel enthusiasts, the little ones have their own section. This event has been organized by the Moto Club Los Tumbaos for 14 years.

Last year the event was suspended due to the state of alarm in Spain, and to date there is no new announcement about the concentration for this year. The event has always been full of activities with an area with biker stalls, DJs, exhibitions, concerts and a tribute to fallen bikers.

  • Date : First fortnight of March
  • Place : Los Bateles Leisure Center (Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz)

Motor & Mountain Fest Riaño

One of the great biker concentrations dedicated to custom, scrambler, brat-style, tracker, bobber and classic motorcycles . It is one of the events with the best views as it is held in Riaño. The difference with other concentrations is that you can buy parts to customize your motorcycle, as well as meet the best motorcycle tuners.

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In the enclosure you will find food trucks and sales stands where you can buy pieces, as well as a lot of shows, contests, beer, various surprises and concerts with live music. Last year the event could not be held due to the health crisis; however, this year the organizers are carrying out the procedures and complying with the sanitary rules for it to take place.

  • Date : July 1 to 4
  • Location : Riaño soccer field (Castilla y León)

The Liars Marbella

This biker concentration is organized by the Los Mentirosos rock, created in 1992 in Marbella. A group of motorcycle-loving friends got together to go out and eat, and participate in international gatherings. But it was in 1999 that this rock was able to federate. Since 2018, they have organized this type of concentration.

The event has a lot of biker activities such as stands, baritima route, raffles, biker games, gifts, a concert and many prepared surprises. If you are one of those who camp, there is also a guarded place so you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the motorcycle.

  • Date : Last week of June (confirmation is expected due to COVID-19)
  • Venue : Palace of Trade Fairs and Congresses of Marbella

XXXVI International Motorcycle Concentration in Sanxenxo

This motorcycle event was born thanks to the Motoclub ‘Amigos de la Moto de Sanxenxo’, founded in 1986 by two friends who decided, in addition to participating in different rallies, to hold one in the town where they were born. From biker market to shows, lunches, dinners and breakfasts. The event is an unmissable appointment for bikers from all over the world.

Although the 2020 concentration was suspended due to COVID-19, it is almost confirmed that this year we will have the roar of the motorcycles for this year, which would be the XXXVI edition. It has always had a congregation of 15,000 bikers.

  • Date : Second weekend of September
  • Location : Sanxenxo (Galicia)

International Motorcycle Meeting in Faro (Portugal)

It is one of the largest international events for motorcyclists that has been held for 38 years, organized by Moto Clube Faro. Last year the 39th edition was not held due to the health crisis. This concentration is one of the meetings with the longest tradition, in addition, it is the one that attracts the most people from other countries, in the middle of summer and with all the camping area and motorcycles next to the beach.

The proximity of the Spanish border means that there are not a few motorcyclists from Andalusia, Extremadura and other areas who come there to enjoy the great party with concerts, erotic shows, bars open 24 hours a day, motorcycle shows, shops, tattoo contests, medical center and miss wet t-shirt.

  • Date : First fortnight of July
  • Place : Algarve (south of Portugal)

Conclusion: enjoy motor events throughout Spain

This is a very basic review of some  motorcycle concentrations that take place in Spain  and in a city in Portugal. Undoubtedly, there are many more, but we wanted to highlight the events with the longest tradition and that host international attendees. Due to the pandemic, as you have been able to read, many of them have suffered cancellations. In any case, go to the organizers’ website to see the date change and if they meet the health and capacity requirements.

What do you think of our list of  biker events and concentrations in Spain and surroundings ? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to  leave a comment . It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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