Motorcycle LICENSE, Types, Tests and How to Get It

Due to the number of changes in legislation that the motorcycle license has undergone , it is normal for there to be doubts about the steps that must be followed to obtain the motorcycle license . These doubts arise even for me, who have had to make a pilgrimage to a few driving schools in my city to find out precisely what to do.

The options are what they are, but accessing them depends on whether you already have a card or if you don’t have a card. We are going to try to make clear all the options and steps to take. I hope that after reading this your doubts are solved and in a while you can become part of the biker family.

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Types of motorcycle license

motorcycle license types a2 a1 a

Currently in Spain there are 5 types of motorcycle license: AM, A1, A2 and A. In addition, you have the B permit, the lifetime car license, which also enables you to drive the same vehicles as the AM and A1 licenses. . Let’s see a summary of all types of cards:

  • The AM motorcycle license is the one that replaced the known one, until the last reform of the General Regulations for Drivers, as a Moped permit. This license allows anyone who is at least 15 years old to drive 2 or 3 wheel mopeds and light quadricycles with an engine of up to 50 cc.
  • The A1 motorcycle license authorizes you to drive motorcycles of up to 125 cc that do not exceed 11 kW (approximately 15 CV) of power or a power/mass ratio greater than 0.1 kW/kg. This card can be accessed when you are only 16 years old or if you have a B card (the car card) for a minimum of three years
  • The A2 motorcycle license authorizes you to drive motorcycles, with or without a sidecar, with a maximum power of 35 kW, about 47 CV, and a power/weight ratio of at most 0.2 kW/kg. Achieving the A2 motorcycle license requires that the driver has reached the age of 18
  • The A motorcycle license , which is just over 3 years old, is the most demanding and complicated to obtain and allows you to drive any type of motorcycle, with no power limit or power/weight limitation. To access this card it is essential to have the A2 card for a minimum of two years
  • The B car license does not authorize to drive motorcycles with or without a sidecar, but it allows all those who have been older than 3 years to drive vehicles under the same conditions as the A1 motorcycle license, as long as it is done within from Spanish territory
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The tests are exclusive, that is to say, the performance of the circuit test requires prior passing of the theoretical ones and, for its part, taking the exam on roads open to traffic requires prior passing of the closed circuit exam. Let’s see them all in depth:

theory test


As most of you know, in order to obtain an AM, A1 or A2 permit, we are generally asked to pass the following theoretical tests:

  1. Common theoretical knowledge exam for all permits
  2. Theoretical exam of specific motorcycle knowledge

The common theoretical exam is one that combines various questions on regulations, signs, road safety, accidents, first aid and simple mechanics, while the specific theoretical exam talks about issues related to the motorcycle world. Both are test type.

practical test

how to get a motorcycle license closed circuit tests

To obtain any motorcycle license, we are required to pass the following practical tests:

  1. Practical exam on track or closed circuit
  2. Practical examination of driving on roads open to traffic

The closed circuit motorcycle practical exam consists of performing the following maneuvers, as described in the Regulations:

how to get a motorcycle license closed circuit tests

  • Zigzag between pulls at reduced speed
  • Circulate on a strip of limited width
  • zigzag between cones
  • overcome an obstacle
  • Controlled acceleration and braking
  • controlled emergency braking

Once this exam has been passed, we have demonstrated our mastery of the vehicle sufficiently to start driving on roads open to traffic, which we will also examine. In this last test, the applicant will be examined driving the motorcycle without a companion and will receive the examiner’s instructions through an intercom. For his part, the examiner will go in an escort vehicle together with the student’s teacher.

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different cases

I don’t have a card, where do I start?

If you do not have a driving license, not even a B car license, you can access the AM or A1, depending on how old you are. We show you the options:

If you are 15 years old you will only be able to access the AM

If you are 16 years old or over you will be able to access the A1

In both cases you will have to prepare the theory test.
which includes a part of common traffic regulations and another part of specific motorcycle regulations. The common regulations part will also be worth it to get your B license (the car license) since in that case you will only have to do the practical tests with the car. In addition, you will have to do the practical tests, and these will depend on what type of card you are getting.


Indicative prices

The prices vary from one driving school to another, but in general we are talking about €430 for the theoretical part, about €30 per class and/or closed circuit exam and about €55 per class and/or exam for the open circuit to the traffic. If you decide to take the exams on your own, you will only have to pay the traffic fees, around €90, but then you will have to end up going to a driving school to help you with the practices. In this way the savings can end up being diluted.

In total, and if you manage to pass all the tests the first time, you will have spent about 700 or 800 euros to obtain the A1 card. If you want the A you will have to scratch your pocket a little more, because the price is about €300 for the registration fee in the driving school plus traffic fees, in total you will walk around €400 in addition to what it cost you to get the previous one license.

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So now you know what you have to do, first do a survey of driving schools where you can get your motorcycle license. In addition to asking at the driving school, it doesn’t hurt to ask someone who is already getting their license how they are doing. And then prepare the piggy bank to face all the necessary procedures to obtain the license that allows you to drive that motorcycle that you like so much and that you do nothing but see in all corners of your city.

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