Motorcycle TRAIL, What it is, Characteristics and the 10 BEST 2022

Do you have a passion for motorcycling ? Do you need adrenaline in your life and think it’s time to try new experiences? You have arrived at the perfect place! In this post you will find the best trail bikes of 2022 and you will discover what are the greatest advantages of having one . We are going to tell you everything about trail bikes so that you can decide which type is best for you. Dare to live great adventures!

trail bike what is characteristics types advantages models

If you are already dreaming of that bike that allows you to go to work on a Friday morning and go on an adventure as soon as your day is over, then we are going to present the different trail bikes on the market. Of course, keep in mind that the  care of a motorcycle  like this is essential to be able to get the most out of it and that is why it is essential that you know when to pass the ITV, recognize when it is time to change the tires and, in general, what to do to keep your motorcycle in good condition for longer. And don’t forget to choose a good helmet! Do you want to travel safely even on long journeys? Keep reading to know all the details of the trail bikes .

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What is a trail bike and its origin

A trail bike is considered a fully versatile high displacement motorcycle , to sum it up. In other words, a motorcycle that, despite its great power and structure, is made to ride on the road, but also to get into stony paths, trails and tracks. For this reason you can start enjoying your best adventures on the back of a trail bike . Pure adrenaline on two wheels!

Does the famous Paris Dakar ring a bell ? We are talking about the toughest and most demanding rally competition in the cross-country world. Well, right there the trail bikes were born with force in the 70s, taking a greater boom in the 80s . A very different motorcycle to a scrambler motorcycle, with a more powerful engine, taller, mixed wheels and longer suspension. In addition, the most remarkable thing is that it allowed you to circulate anywhere now .

Main characteristics of a trail motorcycle

Now that you know what a trail motorcycle is , we are going to delve into its main characteristics, 8 in this case, those that differentiate it from other types of motorcycles and give it a strong personality, being the choice of many motorcycling lovers for the reasons that we are going to summarize. We do not want you to miss any information when making the decision. Do you already feel the adrenaline?

  1. Good aerodynamic protection : one of the characteristics that give trail bikes greater safety is, without a doubt, its aerodynamic protection, which will make you feel light as a bird, favoring grip on the track and speed, without implying instability some.
  2. Comfort : being a motorcycle designed to ride on all kinds of roads, its structure is designed to be as comfortable as possible for the adventurer who rides it. In addition, it has a long suspension that favors your trail bike to have a very safe damping system that avoids vibrations from the terrain as much as possible.
  3. Space and load capacity : the trail bikes have a greater load capacity than the scrambler or enduro , reaching more than 200 kilograms. The space it has will allow you to transport luggage and a passenger with complete peace of mind.
  4. Versatility and versatility : it is necessary to re-emphasize how versatile a trail bike is , combining the most important requirements to make each time you ride with it a total experience for your five senses. You can ride on any type of terrain!
  5. Mixed Tires – Due to the above feature, the adaptability of your Trail has a lot to do with its adaptability to tracks, trails or stony paths . This fact would not be possible without the types of mixed tires that it has, for dirt and asphalt.
  6. High seat height : a good seat elevation comes into perfect harmony and consonance with the essence of a trail bike . Seat height and ground clearance reinforce the comfort, safety and long suspension features of your adventure bike .
  7. Electric and pedal start : Continuing with the great possibilities that you will find if you own a Trail, it is important that you know that you can start it electrically, through internal magnets, or by pedal, with the typical well-known “kick”. Is the Trail motorcycle the most versatile on the market?
  8. Greater autonomy and fuel capacity : another great feature of your desired trail bike is that you can make long trips without worries, since most have a range between 300 and 550 km. Its fuel tank usually has a capacity of about 25 to 30 liters. This also means that it consumes little on the road , about 4.75 L per 100 kilometers. Do you already see the great advantages of having a trail bike ?
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Types of trail bikes on the market

Is the post useful for you to decide which is the best trail bike for you? Don’t worry, because… we are going to help you achieve it! Next we will talk about the different types of trail bikes that exist, so that you are able to easily distinguish the trails that exist in the motorcycling industry .

The three types that exist are:

  • Asphalt : Asphalt trail bikes are lighter, with a more refined design, great engine power and more exclusively oriented to asphalt, although they can also ride on trails and other roads. Their weight is high, although, in turn, they are more agile in curves but more unstable on stony terrain. Its dynamism favors road driving.
  • Off road : the best known off road trails are the adventure ones , more suitable for stony terrain, with better prepared suspensions than asphalt ones . They have great autonomy and fuel capacity, the best known is the sports adventure , for its great versatility.
  • Mixed : the most representative is the maxi trail , they are the great representatives of the adventure on a trail motorcycle , with a reinforced chassis and a little lighter than the purest off road . It is 50% prepared for road and 50% for unstable terrain.

Advantages and disadvantages of a trail motorcycle

Have you seen how many options you have to live your best adventures on a trail motorcycle ? Now that we have seen the different types of trail bikes and their main characteristics , you are ready to go one step further! We are going to summarize, with clarity and transparency, what are the great advantages and disadvantages so that you do not experience negative situations in the future and everything is enjoyment and adventures on your trail bike .

The main benefits and advantages that you will get if you own one of these motorcycles will be its versatility , without any doubt. Its structure favors total comfort on board , enjoying a 360º experience for your senses, largely due to its cushioning and aerodynamics. As we have explained to you, a trail motorcycle differs from all its predecessors, providing you with great handling and stability both on asphalt and on another type of rockier road or even small streams.

But they are not all advantages, like everything in life, it has the odd drawback that we are also going to specify. If you are a short person , it can be difficult for you to drive a trail motorcycle , due to the height from the seat to the ground, you will especially notice it when you have to stop with it, while driving you will not have any problem. The weight will also be a disadvantage. For example, that of a maxi trail , due to its manageability, you must be fully confident in your driving qualities, otherwise it could be difficult for you to travel through cities with a lot of traffic.

The 10 best trail bikes of 2022

And we are coming to the end of the post… Are you finding it useful and interesting? We are convinced that you have learned to better understand what a trail motorcycle is , its characteristics, types, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Well, now we bring you the best 10 trail bikes of 2022 so that you can make your final choice. To her!

Aprilia Tuareg 660

best trail bike aprilia tuareg 660

One of the best trail bikes of 2022 is the Aprilia Tuareg 660 , one of the most distinguished and chosen by motorcycling enthusiasts within the catalog of the Italian brand . Pure excellence in its driving and aesthetics, with fully customized accessories. You will not regret!

It is redesigned to offer the best performance in terms of comfort and control , whatever the terrain. It is very light and will offer you a complete experience. Your sportiest trail bike , with a twin-cylinder engine , a powerful displacement of 659 cc and adjustable ABS that will offer you total safety.

  • Displacement: 659cc
  • Power: 80 CV (59 kW) at 9,250 revol./min
  • Weight: 204kg
  • ABS: adjustable
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: Acid Gold / Martian Red / Indaco Tagelmust
  • Price: From €12,020
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Benelli Leoncino 500

best trail bike benelli leoncino 500 1

Once again, another Italian brand at the forefront of the trail market : benelli, a great opportunity within its extensive catalogue. In this case, we have chosen for you this impressive Benelli Leoncino 500 , within the ranking of the best trail bikes of 2022 in value for money . What are you waiting for to get her?

This bike, as you will have already verified, makes you fall in love just by looking at it, imagine if you try it! Its twin-cylinder engine stands out , with a displacement less than the previous one, 500 cc, with electric ignition and that will allow you to make long off-road trips , due to its greater preparation and its tires fully adapted to more unstable terrain.

  • Displacement: 500cc
  • Power: 47.6 HP / 8,500 rpm
  • Weight: 207kg
  • ABS: adjustable
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: red / gray
  • Price: From €6,290

BMW R 1250GS

best trail bike bmw r 1250 gs

One of the jewels in the crown is the BMW R 1250 GS , undoubtedly the most adventurous trail bike of 2022 , designed by and for the bravest and most determined to feel the adrenaline, it is the queen of Enduro travel . One of the most versatile bikes in the entire trail market . You will love its design!

The technology and comfort that the BMW brand has used in this Adventure will also accompany you on your longest journeys, as it is made for both your road and mountain journeys, no terrain can resist it! Your BMW R 1250 GS trail has even a system of rotating LED headlights to be fully safe in your curves, what more could you ask for from a motorcycle? Not to mention its power , 136 hp at 7,750 rpm and a displacement of 1,254 cc. Do you dare to try it and awaken your most adventurous spirit ?

  • Displacement: 1254cc
  • Power: 136 HP / 7,750 rpm
  • Weight: 268kg
  • ABS: BMW Motorrad Integral ABS Pro (optimized by lean position)
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colours: ice gray / Rallye finish / triple back finish / GS Trophy style
  • Price: From €19,680

Ducati Monster Plus

best ducati monster plus trail bike

Shall we continue? We are almost at the equator of the ranking! We come to the impressive Ducati Monster Plus 2022 , where the Italian brands continue to demonstrate great dominance of the trail bike industry . With a completely renewed, sportier design, with an aluminum chassis and elegant electronics, it all adds up to make a true Monster .

If the BMW had seemed impressive to you, the Ducati Monster Plus , one of the best 10 trail of 2022, of the Naked sports type , has a displacement of 937 cc, 111 CV at 9,250 rpm of power and a set of suspensions fully capable of offer comfort and precision .

  • Displacement: 937cc
  • Power: 111 HP / 9,250 rpm
  • Weight: 188kg
  • ABS: adjustable with cornering assistance
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: ducati red / aviator gray / dark stealth
  • Price: From €12,190

Kawasaki Versys 300

best trail bike kawasaki versys 300

The Japanese motorcycle giant , Kawasaki , could not fail to be present in our ranking with its Kawasaki Versys 300 model, a versatile motorcycle that never goes out of style, keeping its two types of motorcycles for those who are most passionate about the road and off road terrain : Adventure and Urban.

Highlights its load capacity and lightness , which adds its smoothness so that your driving is like floating. Despite its large motorcycle appearance, it is a very easy motorcycle to drive if you have just started in the world of trail motorcycles , thanks to its low displacement and power and its manageability on asphalt, above all.

  • Displacement: 296cc
  • Power: 40 HP / 11,500 rpm
  • Weight: 175kg
  • ABS: adjustable
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: grey/ black
  • Price: From €5,699

Guzzi V85 TT Travel

best motorcycle trail guzzi v85 tt travel

Do you want to live a unique experience on the back of a trail motorcycle ? We recommend the Guzzi V85 TT Travel 2022 , enriched with five driving modes and designed for total enjoyment, before, during and after your adventures. Motorcycling lovers have mastered it as a “classic trail bike” .

Traveling with this Guzzi V85 will be a real pleasure , also thanks to its luggage storage capacity, extensive standard equipment and the taller Touring windshield . The Italian brand launches this redesigned model with a displacement of 853 cc and a power of 76 CV per 7,500 rpm. It has up to 6 speeds to take a high cruise on asphalt!

  • Displacement: 853cc
  • Power: 76 HP / 7,500 rpm
  • Weight: 211kg
  • ABS: dual channel
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: Grigna gray
  • Price: From €13,999

Harley Davidson Pan America 1250

best trail bike harley davidson pan america 1250

This powerful trail bike is one of the most specialized for experienced bikers, willing to explore and live complete adventures, more designed for Touring enthusiasts , who seek power, the latest technology and maximum comfort, on and off the asphalt.

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This Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 has a liquid cooling engine with 150 HP of power , reliable and stable on all types of terrain . A true all-rounder on two 19 and 17-inch wheels! You will be able to drive your touring adventure trail motorcycle in five driving modes, isn’t that amazing?

  • Displacement: 1252cc
  • Power: 150 HP / 8,750 rpm
  • Weight: 229kg
  • ABS: Cornering Enhanced C-ABS
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: vivid black / color
  • Price: From €20,100

Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000-L

best trail bike honda africa twin crf 1000 l

Have you already chosen your favorite trail bike ? If you don’t have it yet, we give you three more options. We present you the Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 L as one of the best trail rides of 2022 in value for money. With greater autonomy and fuel capacity than the standard model, an improved version of its most emblematic model, with a sportier design bike, the Adventure Sports .

With sophisticated electronics , automatic start and a displacement of 998 cc, it becomes a perfect adventure motorcycle to accompany you on new experiences. In addition, it has a power of 95 hp every 7,500 rpm. Your used trail bike!

  • Displacement: 998cc
  • Power: 95 HP / 7,500 rpm
  • Weight: 243kg
  • ABS: Cornering ABS
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: blue metallic / gran prix red / matte ballistic black
  • Price: From €15,350

Suzuki V Strom 1050 XT

We are now going with the most powerful trail bike of the Japanese brand Suzuki , in a more adventurous version and another more asphalt. Remember her name: Suzuki V Strom 1050 XT , you won’t be able to forget her anymore. This motorcycle was renewed in 2020, acquiring a classic off road image , with a design that evokes great adventures.

This TRAIL complies with the Euro5 regulations , a totally improved seat, more comfortable than its predecessor, LED lighting and even a USB port on the controls! An unmissable model that has a displacement of 1037 cc and a power of 106 CV at 8,500 rpm. Is this your favorite model?

  • Displacement: 1037cc
  • Power: 106 HP / 8,500 rpm
  • Weight: 247kg
  • ABS: Cornering ABS
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: pearl white / glossy black / champion yellow / gunmetal gray
  • Price: From €14,695

yamaha tracer 700

best trail bike yamaha tracer 700

We reached the bottom of the ranking of the 10 best trail bikes of 2022 with the Yamaha Tracer 700 . Did you like our recommendations? Have you chosen your motorcycle? If not, here comes your last chance, a pure power trail, with a sporty and ergonomic design designed for long distances. Pure personality is required on the handlebars!

The Yamaha Tracer will trigger your adrenaline when you ride it, get ready for strong emotions aboard a 689 cc displacement trail bike , easy to handle and with a power of 73.4 CV at 8,750 rpm. It is similar to the range of the Kawasaki Versys 300 trail bike .

  • Displacement: 689cc
  • Power: 73.4 HP / 8,750 rpm
  • Weight: 196kg
  • ABS: ABS brake assistance in curves and curly terrain
  • Standard: Euro 5
  • Colors: icon gray / sonic gray / phantom blue
  • Price: From €8,599

Conclusion: choose the trail bike that best suits your personality

How was the experience, traveler / traveler? What do you think of this trail motorcycle guide ? We hope we have helped you choose your perfect motorcycle! As you will have seen, the choice is not only based on a beautiful and attractive design, since it also depends a lot on your experience, if you are a passionate beginner or already an expert, and, above all, it will depend on your personality . The best trail bike on the market in 2022 for you will be the one that best suits your desire to live, adventure, your time and your experience on two wheels.

We recommend the Kawasaky Versys 300 if you are just starting out in this world of motorcycling , otherwise, if you are a more experienced person, the Suzuki V Strom 1050XT is perfect for your off road adventures . In addition, as you have been able to read, there are several types of trail bikes , from the most specialized on asphalt to those that are intended for full experiences on more unstable terrain and trails.

. On the other hand, you have also been able to take a look at its great advantages and few disadvantages. Explore this post again if at this point you are still not sure of your choice, here you will have the 10 best trail bikes of 2022 . Do you accept the challenge on two wheels? Do not forget to leave us your comments telling us about your experiences and telling us if this article has helped you choose your adventure motorcycle . We hope we got it together!

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