12 Steps to WASH the MOTORCYCLE and Leave it Spotless

We all like to always wear our best clothes and give a good image. It was not going to be less when it comes to your motorcycle, right? We give you 10 easy steps to wash your motorcycle by hand and leave it like gold jets. There are many people today who choose to buy a vehicle, either  for  transportation,  to  use it only from time to time,  for  work or  for  any other need.

But it is clear that most of the people who get a car,  motorbike  or van always want it to be clean, in perfect condition and with all the necessary parts  to  make it work well. These people usually have  expertautoparts.es/magazine at hand , since it solves many doubts about the problems they may have and informs them about what is emerging in the motor world, which is of interest to many people in this society.

We recently told you how to wash the motorcycle without even lifting a finger. This is the easiest solution for some, take it to a specialized motorcycle wash and pick it up perfectly clean. No sweat, no fat, no throwing yourself on the floor. But if our pocket is shivering, we like to give affection to the girl or we simply prefer to spend the money on gasoline, from SoyMotero.net we give you the solution.

You just have to make Mr. Miyagi’s words your own, those words full of wisdom: “Dal cela, pulil cela”, and follow the 10 commandments of a good vehicle washer:

To carry out our cleaning task, it is necessary to get hold of a series of materials that will facilitate our work. Depending on the amount of mosquitoes, mud, grease or dust that our frame has, we must get industrial quantities or with the standard kit:

We have almost all the necessary materials among the household cleaning elements.

Index of contents

Necessary material to clean a motorcycle thoroughly

motorcycle cleaning necessary material

Clothes that you are not going to use to dress up as a gala

Dishwasher neutral


A cloth or different rags (clean)

Kitchen paper / chamois

A bucket


Plastic bag and elastic band

Water, lots of water

Degreaser / Engine cleaner / kH7

Polish for chrome (if is that your motorcycle has chrome).

Vaseline or grease for electrical contacts and wires.

Oil to lubricate chains.

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How to clean a motorcycle correctly

#1 User Manual

Before getting down to work, it is advisable that you take a look at the manual or user guide. If you don’t have it because it’s a second-hand motorcycle, try downloading it from the Internet, since this document usually includes practical instructions on how to clean it and the most suitable products according to the manufacturer.

#2 The bike must be cold

cold motorcycle cleaning

Once we have all the material prepared and we have put on our fatigues, we can get down to work. First of all we must let the motorcycle cool down and remove the contact. It is not about throwing ice cubes on top so that it cools down sooner, but it is better to wash it in a place that is not in full sun.

We’re not going to kill the bike if some water gets into the exhaust, but it doesn’t cost anything to protect it with a bit of plastic wrapped around a rubber band.

Once cold, it is a good time to cover the exhaust with a plastic bag and fix it with an elastic band so that no water enters it during washing.

#3 Better in a shady area

Try to wash your bike in a shady area, as if you start your cleaning day in the sun, cleaning products like soap may dry out before you can remove them properly, leaving behind those nasty white detergent marks.

#4 Clean the areas with the most dirt

grease motorcycle cleaning

Clean the swingarm, the rims and the most difficult areas with the brush and the grease remover. We must use this liquid trying to touch as little as possible other parts of the motorcycle that would not hold. Although nothing should happen with the engine cleaner, it’s better to heal in health.

Even so, there are those who believe that the grease remover, or KH7, removes the shine from the tires especially. If you are of this opinion, you will have no other option than water, soap and rub and rub.

Seize the moment and clean the chain with petroleum or kerosene. You can find it at the gas station, and if you can’t find it, diesel can also work. With the brush, give the chain until the dirt has been removed

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The tires are one of the dirtiest elements of the motorcycle and where dirt grabs the hardest.

#5 Eliminate excess

Remove the degreaser with a rag so those areas can be washed later with soap and water.

# 6 Mix water and cleaning product is a bucket

Fill the bucket with warm water until the foam reaches the brim (avoid using detergents or products that contain salt and can be corrosive).

#7 Moisten the motorcycle well

cleaning motorcycle moistening motorcycle

We take water, if we have a hose much better, and we soak the whole bike to rinse it. But without going overboard, remember that we are dealing with a dry animal and it may not be the best idea if we submerge it in a pool.

A little water or a couple of hoses will suffice. In this way we will remove the grease remover liquid and we will also make the layer of dust that it might have disappear.

#8 Sponge in hand

motorcycle cleaning apply soap

Once the hose has been passed through the entire motorcycle, it is time to soap up. We take the neutral dishwasher and throw it into the bucket that must previously have warm or hot water.

This is one of the most fun moments, when you can soak the bike to your heart’s content. And if it’s summer you can also take advantage if you haven’t showered that day and enjoy the citrus smell of the dishwasher.

Before soaping it is very important to rinse the motorcycle, if not, we can scratch the paint by rubbing it by dragging dust and dirt accumulated on its surface.

Remember to pass the sponge well over all parts of the motorcycle. A little more work will cost you to clean the headlight and the screen because mosquitoes and different bugs feel a special attraction to the look of your motorcycle. They can’t resist her.

#9 Removing layers

This is when we really started to discover that we hadn’t washed the bike in a long time. And you who thought your motorcycle had a matte finish.

As we soap and remove the accumulated dirt, if we see that it takes too long to cover the entire motorcycle, we must rinse at the same time so that the soap does not dry out. So until you have rinsed and rinsed the motorcycle completely. If we leave the motorcycle with some soap, it is very likely that stains will remain.


Removing soap well and drying is almost as important as removing accumulated dirt to achieve a perfect finish.

You have to treat the dome with special gentleness because it scratches. It is as if you cleaned the screen of your helmet. Most likely, we will have to fill our bucket more than once since when we have been cleaning and rinsing for a while, the water takes on somewhat dark tints.

#10 Drying

When we have finished this task, comes one of the most important steps, if not the most: you have to dry the motorcycle to prevent the soap from drying out in areas and leaving the frame dirty.

We will have to remove the excess water with the cloth, when it is almost dry, pass the moistened chamois. If you want it to be brighter than the tiles in the Don Algodón advertisement, take a roll of kitchen paper and finish drying with it.

When drying with paper, take advantage of its capillarity and do not press it too much against the motorcycle or you could scratch it if any dirt particles remain on its surface.

#11 Glossy finish

motorcycle cleaning glossy finish

If we want to achieve a film finish, we can use different polishing products such as polish. Even more so if we are talking about a Custom with its many chromes.

# 12 Icing on the cake

cleaning motorcycle lubricate chain

Once clean, dry and polished, we have to send part of our effort to hell: we have to grease the chain and those elements that need to be greased, such as cables and levers. So we’ll get back to dirtying the rear tire, swingarm, and everything around it, including ourselves. To make as little dirt as possible, it is a good idea to put newspaper, advertising paper between the tire and the chain, so that it receives the inevitable spray splashes and not our recently cleaned motorcycle.

Putting a piece of paper between the chain and the tire will save you from many splashes when lubricating the chain.

Of course, if you have a cardan, you better save the fat to make some hamburgers on the grill when you finish washing the motorcycle.

Conclusion: Take care of your motorcycle and clean it often

To finish we should look at the tire pressure and levels and take the bike for a spin so that the chain is lubricated. Now take a picture of it to remember in a few months how shiny it was.

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