10 Tips to BUY Second-Hand Motorcycle

Are you going to break the bank to buy your first motorcycle ? Do you want to choose to buy a second-hand motorcycle and do not want to make a mistake? You are in the right place! Knowing how to choose a motorcycle or which is the right motorcycle once you have obtained your driver’s license and have examined the possibilities offered by the market is not an easy task . Surely you are eating your head and more the days before making the purchase.

We have all gone through the trance of looking for our first motorcycle. The illusion, the available money, the heart, the reason, etc. Everything gets mixed up and there are moments when it seems impossible to decide without going crazy. Thinking logically, the first thing is to make a list with the models that you like. Below, we will tell you the best tips for choosing your first motorcycle that will provide you with the necessary security .

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Tips for properly choosing your first motorcycle

There is always a first time for everything, and in the case of motorcycles, too. If you want to enter the world of two wheels, you must pay attention to several aspects so that the experience is not a disaster . But let’s not kid ourselves: your first bike should be the one that makes life easy for you. Therefore, below, we show you the best tips for choosing your first motorcycle .

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#1 Try to find the best price

In the search for an attractive price, you may opt for a second-hand motorcycle. You can visit Cüimo, which is a marketplace with a wide variety of second-hand motorcycles and which is in charge of evaluating these motorcycles so that the sale is safe and fair. Avoid buying motorcycles that you do not know where they come from.

#2 Take into account the weight of the motorcycle

Power and weight are two of the factors you must fight against. The weight when maneuvering while standing is a key factor , especially if you do not stand correctly. With a light motorcycle you save many compromised situations while driving, but also manoeuvring.

#3 Consider if you are going to carry a passenger

Do not be selfish. If you are normally going to carry a passenger, think about their comfort . That the square is generous, that it has handles, that it is not exposed to the wind or on the second floor are important factors. Drive smoothly and very carefully , the passenger has no handlebars to hold on to.

#4 Choose a motorcycle for your license

 I know that many prefer to buy a big motorcycle , but if it is your first motorcycle, it is preferable to acquire one that is suitable for your abilities. The motorcycle must be balanced in performance , weight and power. The first two years you should enjoy, not suffer. A very heavy motorcycle is not ideal.

#5 Take into account the displacement to calculate costs

The greater the displacement of the motorcycle, the more expensive its maintenance , the more wear the tires wear out, consume more gasoline, the spare parts are more expensive, the insurance costs more and you pay more taxes. It will be cheaper to maintain a 300 than a 500 cc, or a single cylinder than a twin .

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#6 Take advantage of the offers for model change

 Having the latest model is not necessary . It is a habit that we have and that on many occasions means losing a succulent discount. Brands usually make discounts for model changes. In addition, the already veteran model will surely not have the usual youth problems .

#7 Consider buying one with ABS if it’s a 125cc

 The current regulations require that 125 cc motorcycles be equipped with an advanced braking system, combined braking or ABS . We are inclined to recommend that you buy a 125 cc with ABS because of the enormous advantages it offers compared to a simple combined braking system.

#8 Think about whether you are going to bring luggage

If you think that you are going to need to transport luggage on a regular basis, it would be absurd to choose a motorcycle with hardly any load capacity . Carrying a backpack with heavy objects hanging in the event of a collision can cause serious injuries . Let the motorcycle be the one that carries the weight.

#9 Check who you buy the motorcycle from

Study the benefits of the motorcycle very well before buying and make sure that it is in perfect condition. This service, the aforementioned Marketplace Cüimo, for example, covers it with great benefits. Seriously, avoid surprises.

#10 Look for a motorcycle where you can easily stand up

 Don’t get carried away easily. It is always better to buy a motorcycle that you can stand on comfortably, since it can save you from many falls. There are even models with an adjustable seat . Falling to a stop causes a lot, a lot of anger, and something or other always breaks. Avoid it and save on costs for your motorcycle.

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Conclusion: Choose a first motorcycle that suits your needs

It is important that you follow these small keys to be able to get the motorcycle you want. It is necessary that you dedicate time and above all do not think so much about aesthetics but about your safety and comfort , you must also get a correct insurance adapted to newcomers. A motorcycle is a vehicle that you can enjoy for a long time.

The most common thing is that you are afraid of making a mistake when deciding. Or that your budget is tight and you need to help yourself with comparison tools . A new motorcycle, among motorcyclists, is something very important for what you want to do correctly, so don’t worry, follow these steps and you will get the most suitable riding companion for you.

What did you think of this guide on tips for choosing your first motorcycle ? Did you know all the advice we have given you to get one? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to leave your comment and we will be happy to answer you.

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