6 Signs to CHANGE the Tires of Your Motorcycle

Are you worried about the state of your motorcycle tires ? Are you not sure when you have to change the wheels on your motorcycle ? Factors such as excessive wear , irregular wear or possible breakdowns are indicators of when you should change the motorcycle’s tires. The tires of your motorcycle are a key part for it to roll correctly, on the one hand, and on the other and more importantly, for your safety. Therefore, we want to share with you some tips to know when is the right time to replace the tires on your motorcycle .

First of all, it should be borne in mind that there is no concise rule or an exact number of kilometers that, once reached, is the most appropriate and infallible for changing tires. However, depending on the model of the motorcycle and its use, it will indicate an approximate time to change it, in addition to checking your motorcycle frequently. Normally a good quality tire should be changed at approximately 40,000 kilometers , while a low quality tire will force you to change it at 5,000 kilometers . But remember that everything depends on the use you give to the motorcycle, this can be before or after.

Because, logically, the wear can vary by the type of use and the conditions under which those kilometers have been traveled, without forgetting the type of motorcycle and the way the user drives. However, you can take into account certain aspects to review that can indicate the right time. A tire in poor condition can endanger your safety and that of your motorcycle. If this is your case, we certainly recommend buying motorcycle tires online at lacasadelneumatico.com .

When to change your motorcycle tires

Attention bikers and bikers! Your safety is very important and you should  periodically check the condition of your tires . There are several factors that you should take into account while reviewing them to see if they need a change. It is clear that if the tires of your motorcycle are worn to the naked eye , it is time to change them, but there are many other signs that you must take into account to know if it is time to buy new tires for your motorcycle.

#1 Worn tires

The tires of your motorcycle are losing quality due to their use, natural wear depending on where you ride and how much with your motorcycle. You should check both lateral and central wear . If the warning lights or figures (marks or grooves) no longer appear on your tires, your motorcycle is warning you that you should change them yes or yes. The more loss of warning lights, the less grip. You already know that the tread on your motorcycle’s wheels is what provides good road grip. If your tires have a tread depth of less than 1.6 mm, it’s time to replace them because you shouldn’t ride your bike like that.

#2 Warped tires

You will notice if your tires are deformed when you park your motorcycle. If you have left it in one position for a long time, you will see that the tire has a flat shape and when you use it you will feel vibrations that can be dangerous. Also if you have done any sudden or very hard braking, it is vital that you check the tires of your bike, because it is possible that they have also deformed and created that flat shape.

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#3 Crystallized tires

Glazed tires have less grip and  are a hazard . The rubber with which tires are made can lose its flexibility when it undergoes a chemical process, and go from being flexible to being rigid, this is when we say that they are crystallized. To see if they look like this, press your fingernail into the rubber . If they sink or stick easily, it means that they are in perfect condition. Otherwise, if you notice them stiff, your motorcycle urgently needs new tires. 

#4 Tires with a puncture

Although good quality tires are prepared to withstand different conditions, they can sometimes get punctured, and it is best to have it checked by a professional to confirm that the tire chamber has not suffered damage, since a patch or repair will not be enough. . Also, although less frequently, tires can suffer a cut, similar to a puncture and irreparable in the vast majority of cases, which will force you to change the tires on your motorcycle.

#5 Aging tires

In addition to the mileage that we talked about earlier, it is recommended that if the tires have passed five years of usefulness , you check them daily and preferably that you do it with a professional. In the event that you do not use your motorcycle very often, being stopped also takes its toll . Also, keep in mind when buying new ones, observe the year of manufacture, since it should not exceed five years either.

#6 Tires with irregular wear

The tread can show irregular wear in its different areas, and even deformations or steps. These are unusual situations, so you could consult the warranty of your motorcycle tires and the circumstances in which you could claim. Said wear can occur not only due to incorrect air pressure , but it can also be caused by the malfunction of the brakes or suspensions , so when replacing the tire it would be convenient to ask the workshop for a review of said elements.

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Conclusion: Be careful with your motorcycle tires and check them from time to time

These are just some of the most striking signs that your motorcycle tires need a change. If you have a trail motorcycle but only for its comfortable position and not to ride on dirt, better tires with a more asphalt pattern . And if you have a naked motorcycle for urban commuting, you don’t need sports tires. Therefore , the adequacy of the specifications for a specific use is another reason for replacing the tires on your motorcycle.

What did you think of this guide on the signs to change the tires of your motorcycle? Do you check your motorcycle tires frequently? How often do you change your motorcycle tires? Do you think we have missed any sign that we should highlight? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to leave your comment and we will be happy to answer you.

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