TYPES of Motorcycle License in Spain and Their Characteristics

motorcycle license types Reaching the age necessary to be able to drive a motorcycle is the desire of many young people. Although for some, having a 2-wheeled vehicle is just a whim, for others it is almost a necessity. Living and working in a big city is one of the reasons that leads more than one to buy a motorcycle or moped for their daily commutes. Avoiding traffic, being able to drive in the HOV or Bus lanes or finding parking easily in the center are just some of the  advantages for motorcyclists .

Driving the motorcycle of your dreams is not as easy as you imagine . Depending on its characteristics you will need a certain type of driving license and to obtain it you will have to be not only of a  minimum age , but in some cases up to a  certain seniority in lower permits .

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What motorcycle license do I need?

Currently in Spain there are  5 types of motorcycle license : AM, A1, A2 and A. In addition, you have the B permit, the lifetime car license, which also enables you to drive the same vehicles as the AM and A1 licenses. . Of course, you must prove  a seniority of 3 years.

motorcycle license types am

Types of Spanish moped license

AM moped license

The  AM card  is the one that replaced the one known, until the last reform of the General Regulations for Drivers, as  the Moped Permit . This license allows anyone who is at least  15 years old  to drive 2 or 3-wheel mopeds and light quadricycles with an engine of up to 50 cc, “although it may be limited to driving 3-wheel mopeds and light quadricycles”, according to  current law.  But even though you have just turned 15 years old and you are legally qualified to drive one of these vehicles,  you will not be able to transport passengers until you are 18 years old.

tests to perform

All those who want to get the AM card must demonstrate that they are capable of driving one of these vehicles and pass several tests:

  • Submit to a Psychophysical Aptitude test.
  • Knowledge Control theory test: specific.
  • Practical test of Control of Aptitudes and Behaviors: closed circuit.
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How much does it cost to get the moped license or AM Permit?

Traffic fees are €88.50, the same as for taking the exam for any other license, and the price of the course to obtain a moped permit varies depending on the driving school. As a guide, if you do not need more practical classes than the essential ones, it can cost around €300 (VAT included).

Types of motorcycle license in Spain

Now, driving a motorcycle, even if it is low displacement, already requires that you have a motorcycle license. There are  3 different types  and depending on different factors and the type of motorcycle you want to drive, you will have to get one or the other.

A1 motorcycle license

The A1 motorcycle license is the most basic that exists within this category. Possessing this license entitles you to drive  motorcycles without a sidecar up to 125cc  having  a maximum power of 11kW  and a power/weight ratio of 0.1kW/kg.  In addition, it also allows you to drive  tricycles with an engine that does not exceed 15 kW of power.  To be eligible for it, you must be  over 16 years of age . Obtaining this card means the  immediate validation of the AM card  that allows you to drive mopeds.

tests to perform

  • Undergo a  Psychophysical Aptitude test .
  • Knowledge Control theoretical test  : common and specific.
  • Practical test of  Control of Aptitudes and Behaviors : closed circuit and roads open to traffic. In this last test, the applicant will be examined driving the motorcycle without a companion and will receive the examiner’s instructions through an  intercom . For his part, the examiner will go in an  escort vehicle  together with the student’s teacher.

The tests are exclusive , that is to say, the completion of the circuit test requires prior passing of the theoretical ones and, for its part, taking the exam on roads open to traffic requires  prior passing of the closed circuit exam.

How much does it cost to get the A1 card?

Traffic  fees  are €88.50 and the price of the course to obtain the A1 license varies depending on the driving school, but as a guide if you do not need more practical classes than the essential ones, it can cost   around €400  (VAT ). included).

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A2 motorcycle license

Obtaining the A2 motorcycle license requires that the driver has  reached the age of 18 . This license authorizes to drive motorcycles, with or without sidecar, with a  maximum power of 35 kW, about 47 CV , and a power/weight ratio of at most 0.2 kW/kg . As with the A1 card, being in possession of this license  automatically validates the lower types, AM and A1.

tests to perform

The tests that must be passed are the same as those established for the A1 license, but there is a caveat. Those who want to obtain the A2 motorcycle license but already have the A1 permit will be exempt from taking the specific and general knowledge control test  , as long as 2 years have not elapsed since passing the test, as reflected Article 54 of the  Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety.

  • Submit to a Psychophysical Aptitude test.
  • Knowledge Control theory test: common and specific.
  • Practical test of Control of Aptitudes and Behaviors: closed circuit and roads open to traffic. To carry out this last test, it is an essential requirement to have passed those carried out in a closed circuit.

How much does it cost to get the A2 card?

The traffic fees are €88.50 and the  price of the course to obtain the A2 license  varies depending on the driving school, but as a guide if you do not need more practical classes than the essential ones, it can cost around €400 (VAT). included).

Motorcycle license A

This license  , which is just over 3 years old, is the most demanding and complicated to obtain  and allows you to drive  any type of motorcycle, with no power limit or power/weight limitation . In order to access it, it is necessary  to be at least 20 years old , have at least 2 years of experience  in the A2 permit and pass a training  course whose terms are established by  Order of the Ministry of the Interior. Of course, the driver must wait  until he is 21 years old to be able to drive motor tricycles with a power greater than 15kW.

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tests to perform

As specified in article  5.4 of the  General Drivers Regulations,  all those who want to apply for the A motorcycle license must take a  course of 9 teaching hours  distributed in theoretical and practical knowledge:

  • Theoretical knowledge . It is divided into 2 parts: one of  general theory  and another of  awareness and sensitization  lasting an hour and a half each, a total of 3 hours of course.
  • Practical knowledge . It consists of 2 tests: the first will consist of 4 hours of  maneuvers in a closed circuit  and the second will consist of 2 hours of  circulation on roads open to traffic.  These tests will be carried out on a motorcycle without a sidecar of at least 600 cc and 40kW of power.

How much does it cost to get the A card?

To get the A card, you have to  pay traffic fees that have a reduced amount  of €27.10 and carry out the rest of the process through a driving school. The cost of the driving school can be  around €350  (VAT included).

The B car license also allows you to drive motorcycles

motorcycle license types b

Another permit that can qualify you to drive a motorcycle is the B card , intended for driving cars. Having this license does not authorize to drive motorcycles with or without sidecar, but it allows all those who have been older than 3 years to drive vehicles under the same conditions as the A1 motorcycle license , as long as it is done  within the territory spanish .

In other words, having more than 3 years of experience driving a car, weighing no more than 3,500 kilos and with a maximum capacity of 8 people, enables you to drive mopeds and motorcycles of up to 125 cc.

Motorcycle accessories to do the practical tests of the license

To carry out the practical tests, the applicant must be equipped with a  full-face helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, motorcycle pants and the appropriate protections,  which may be integrated into the equipment. In addition, during the tests on roads open to traffic, together with all the previous protection equipment, the student must wear an  approved reflective vest with the letter ‘P’ or the word ‘Practices’ inscribed on its back.

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