5 reasons for the success of scooters

In 2008, 53% of the motorcycles sold in Spain were scooters , in 2013 that figure rose to 71%. Why has the sale of scooters grown so much ?

For many there are several reasons: they are not too expensive, they do not cost much, they can be driven (up to 125cc) with a type B license and, above all, they are perfect for the city. Do you want to know more about his success? Join us!

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#1 They offer security

reasons success scooters safety

The fact that they have some chassis makes the scooters safer and, without gears, easier to use. These reasons make scooters the queens of the city. In addition, they allow you to move easily between traffic jams (which saves time) and park without problem.

#2 Useful

reasons success scooters utility

Another reason for the popularity of scooters is that they are necessary, in the sense that they are useful. Until a few years ago, many touring car drivers had a road or trials motorcycle for the weekend. Today many bikers have only one vehicle, the scooter, which they use to go everywhere.

#3 You can drive with the B license

reasons success scooters drive meat b

One more reason for the increase in sales of scooters  is that they can be driven with two years of type B license. For this reason, many car drivers have started to buy them, thus opening up the market to new customers. They are not the typical “bikers”, but people who need them to get to their job.

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#4 Its price

reasons success scooters cheap price

To the advantages of before we must add the fact that scooters are not too expensive. Gasoline consumption is not very expensive either and, since they do not do many kilometers since they are usually used in the city, they do not spend much on gasoline either…

#5 New models, new options

reasons for success scooters new models

The success of the scooters is also leaving the city. Given the success of the range, manufacturers are making more and more scooters with a larger displacement so that these new customers are encouraged to get a larger model with which they can also hit the road.

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