Windshield wipers on the helmet, another solution against the rain

More than one biker has ever wondered on a rainy day, in which the drops on the helmet do not allow us to see with the necessary clarity: is there not a more effective method to remove the water than to wipe your hand -soaked- for the screen? You are right. Not long ago, they have been selling an accessory online that will arouse the interest of many motor lovers. It is an electric windshield wiper that can be attached to the top of the helmet and costs about 50 euros.

helmet wiper solution against rain

If you have ever thought about creating an invention of these characteristics, you have already been ahead of it. It is not the first product that appears in imitation of car windshield wipers: before it was the brushes to clean the lenses of glasses, an invention that, it must be said, was not very successful. And now this accessory is available for sale on Amazon  for $149, a very reasonable price if the effectiveness of the gadget is as expected.

helmet wiper solution against rain

In any case, it is one more solution so that the rain is not an impediment to riding a motorcycle. The most effective, and perhaps the most widespread to date to mitigate the problem of poor visibility on days that have been wet, is repellent spray, whose duration is limited. However, it works quite well and is a less cumbersome solution than the wiper gizmo.

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But if you are going out on a motorcycle on a rainy day, the most important thing is to be careful. First of all, the clothing must be appropriate so as not to end up shivering with cold and wrinkled like a raisin. It is also convenient not to exceed the speed, since the asphalt often becomes a skating rink when it receives a lot of water.

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