Do you want to transport a motorcycle from one city to another in a safe way? Have they told you about the transfer of a motorcycle by van, trailer or train, but you don’t know which means guarantees better conditions? You are in the right place! Selecting a method to transport motorcycles is a difficult decision due to the fear that some of the care you have provided will be affected. An inappropriate means of transport can cause some damage, so it is very important that you are informed before sending your motorcycle to another city .

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Transporting a motorcycle has become a very common practice, especially among motorcyclists who gather to celebrate batches or who want to enjoy their passion doing the best routes in Spain . Although the options available to move a motorcycle to other places are very diverse, renting a moving van is the means par excellence due to the wide variety of advantages it provides.

Regardless of the means you select to transport your motorcycle, you must bear in mind the legal requirements that you must comply with. If you opt for a van, you must first know if a special permit or specific materials are required for its transfer. How? Informing you previously about the various types. Here are some of the most popular ways to get your motorcycle transported safely. 

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Ways to Transport a Motorcycle Legally and Safely

When it comes to transporting a motorcycle, you have two alternatives: move it yourself or hire an external service. Depending on the circumstances that may lead you to send your motorcycle to another place, one option may be better than another, but first you must take into account factors such as protection , price or legal procedures .

Private motorcycle transport

If you have thought about moving your motorcycle on your own through a trailer or a rented van, you must have certain elements. In the case of selecting a trailer, you must first know how to maneuver both vehicles, have an approved hitch and check that the weight does not exceed 4,250 kg of GWM. If you select a van, you must bear in mind that you will be in charge of securing it correctly after acquiring the materials and that if you only have the B permit, the overall load may not exceed 3,500 kg of MMA.

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Public motorcycle transport

It is currently the most demanded option by bikers due to the comfort and simplicity of the procedure. If the transport is carried out in international territory, the bikers resort to the train (transportation of motorcycles with Renfe), the ship and even the plane. If, on the contrary, the transfer occurs through national territory, the most common thing is to opt for hiring a transport company with vans due to its advantages so that the client does not have to worry about anything, not even security factors. This last vehicle has become very popular in recent years and, for this reason, we are going to explain everything you need to know about it.

Advantages of transporting a motorcycle with a van

If this is the first time you are considering transporting your motorcycle and you are thinking of doing it with a van, you are probably wondering what benefits it can provide you with respect to other means. Next, I am going to explain the most important ones, but you must know that they all come together in one: security .


Unlike traditional vehicles, vans have a larger volume that makes it easy to transport heavy and delicate items, such as motorcycles, without suffering any damage.


Thanks to the design of the vehicle and the fastening materials, the motorcycle is transported in a perpendicular position to prevent it from moving towards the ends on a bumpy or curved path.


The characteristics of the van make it the favorite way to take a motorcycle anywhere. Selecting this means will mean that you do not have to worry about maneuvering on unknown roads or investing in expensive fastening materials, but above all about their protection.


Transporting a motorcycle through a van is a guarantee of protection against possible adverse weather events such as rain, snow or hail that may damage any of its functionalities. In the same way, its transfer within an interior space can protect it from possible damage or theft caused by third parties.

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Although the maximum speed allowed for the transport of motorcycles with a van is between 90 and 100 km/h, the truth is that it is the fastest means for this task due to its maneuverability thanks to its design.

Types of vans to transport a motorcycle

When we think of a van, a large white model comes to mind. Despite the fact that it is the most common type, transport companies use other models to transport motorcycles in order to adapt to each request. These are the most common types of vans for transporting motorcycles:

commercial van

It is currently the most widely used means of transport for the transfer of motorcycles between cities because its design is designed for the transport of goods. The cabin is attached to the rest of the vehicle, but it is separated by a panel that divides the vehicle into two parts: the driver’s and the cargo’s. The motorcycle, hidden in the back, must be secured by straps that prevent its movement to avoid damage.

adaptive mixed vehicle

It appears as the second most used means by motorcycle transport companies due to its breadth. The vehicle is oriented both for the transfer of people and goods, in the latter case always using a grid to separate both parts safely. The motorcycle, visible in the load compartment due to the window, must be held by straps to ensure its stability.

Derived from tourism

Although it is the vehicle least used for this activity, the truth is that it can also be used to transport motorcycles. The characteristics of the medium are similar to those of a car with the main difference that it only has one row of seats so that the rear part can be used to transport merchandise. The motorcycle, visible from the rear, is usually smaller in size and must be well strapped in to prevent it from coming loose and affecting the safety of all riders.

Steps to put a motorcycle in a van and transport it

At this point you will wonder how a motorcycle is placed for transport inside a van. Although the process is quite simple, it is very important to be careful to avoid material and personal damage during the procedure. You don’t want a mishap right out of the gate, do you?

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#1 Protect the motorcycle before putting it in the van

It is important that all parts of the motorcycle are covered with protective materials to avoid any type of damage despite being very unlikely due to the existing security in the cargo part of the van. It is also recommended that the gasoline tank be empty when moving it for greater protection.

#2 Check that the motorcycle fits into the van

Not all motorcycles are the same size, so you must check that the dimensions between both vehicles are adequate before trying to enter it.

#3 Use a ramp to get the motorcycle onto the van

It is a very useful tool, especially when it comes to large volume motorcycles that can cause physical damage. Its dimension and material will depend on the characteristics of the transported vehicle.

#4 Hold the motorcycle firmly inside the van

After loading the motorcycle into the van, the next step will be to fit the wheels into a platform to later hold its upper, inner and lower part with straps and thus prevent its displacement.

#5 Check that the motorcycle does not move

Once the motorcycle is secured inside the vehicle, it must be ensured that it is completely upright to avoid material and personal risks. Caution is the most important requirement so that you can enjoy your motorcycle anywhere. 

Conclusion: Use a van to transport your motorcycle safely

Selecting a means of transport to send your motorcycle to another place will be easier for you from now on after consulting this guide. If you want to move it within the national territory, our advice is that you hire a company specialized in transport with vans given their protection capacity, but, if you dare, you can always rent a removal van .

The most common thing is that you are still afraid that a blow or a transfer through a road in poor condition could damage some element of the motorcycle, but don’t worry: it is a common practice among company professionals for which they are very prepared. .

What did you think of this motorcycle transport guide ? Did you know the advantages of using a van for this activity? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to leave your comment and we will be happy to answer you. 

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