8 Common DISADVANTAGES in All Electric Motorcycles

Technology advances by leaps and bounds and promotes great transformations in the motor world, changes that a few decades ago were unthinkable. It is expected that in the not too distant future, probably in the next ten years, all cars and motorcycles will be electric. It is a more environmentally friendly and much cheaper alternative. However, the electric motorcycle is not without its disadvantages. We are going to see and analyze each one of them, although most plan on the price (since they are very new vehicles), the little autonomy and the low benefits.

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Disadvantages of electric motorcycle

#1 Less autonomy

disadvantages electric motorcycle less autonomy

Some studies calculate that the average journey of a motorcycle user is about 27 kilometers a day, a distance easily covered with the autonomy of an electric motorcycle that, depending on the model, can travel between  70 and 100 kilometers per recharge . If you want to take a trip, this type of vehicle would be very complicated, due to the number of stops that would have to be made.

#2 Price

disadvantages electric motorcycle high price

The starting price on the market is still very expensive and is not affordable for all budgets. In addition, the lithium battery they use has a price close to €1,000 and has a useful life of approximately 80,000 kilometers.

#3 Lower acceleration

disadvantages electric motorcycle less acceleration

They have a slow acceleration compared to those with an internal combustion engine (traditional motorcycles).

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#4 Limited speed

disadvantages electric motorcycle limited speed

The maximum speed of electric motorcycles is around 100 km/h, a very fair speed for some types of roads.

#4 Recharge time

What you need to know before buying electric motorcycle recharge

The duration time to recharge the battery varies between 2 to 8 hours.

#5 Charging points

What you need to know before buying an electric motorcycle charging point

In Spain we still do not have a network mature enough to satisfy the needs of all customers for an electric motorcycle. It is difficult to find plugs and the recharging of the battery, even if it is partial, does not occur as quickly as a normal refueling.

#6 Parts Market

disadvantages electric motorcycle parts

Just as they are cheaper to maintain, as the advantages of the electric motorcycle  that we published recently say, the difficulty in finding parts means that it is not so “cheap”.

#7 Price of the pieces

Just as its market launch price is very high, the same happens with the price of the parts. As the demand is very low, the price rises.

#8 Find a workshop

disadvantages electric motorcycle find workshop

You can take a normal motorcycle with an internal combustion engine anywhere, any mechanic can disassemble it without problems to fix it. This does not happen with electric motorcycles, since that mechanic has to have knowledge of electricity to be able to fix the motorcycle in case of failure.

However, we are confident that as this technology continues to develop, not only will charging points be found everywhere, but the prices of motorcycles will decrease and become more affordable for everyone. If you want to know more, we invite you to continue seeing more news about electric motorcycles .

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