3 things motorcycle theft and the black market have in common

For many people, motorcycles are more than a vehicle; For them they are modern horses, they are companions who free them from the stress of everyday life and take them to the place they want without depending on anything other than themselves. They are the perfect tool to get carried away on the road and travel without limits .

They are one of the means of transport most in demand by those who seek complete autonomy when it comes to getting around and, therefore, one of the preferred targets for gangs of thieves who resell them on the black market. Figures released in 2013 support this statement: every six minutes one is stolen, with Catalonia, Andalusia and Madrid being the autonomous communities with the most cases .

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#1 Supply and demand

motorcycle theft black market internet

It is all a fever in which the law of fashion prevails. For example, in this black market, especially today, the sale of large displacement scooters , between 125 and 500 cubic centimeters, abounds. It’s the law of supply and demand.

The “modus operandi” is always the same. First, they scan and locate those places in the city with a large presence of motorcycles. The main ones are public and private garages, especially those that are in the middle of the street. An example is the office areas where there are special car parks for this type of vehicle.

When they have located their “victims”, the criminals rent a van and go on the “route”.

motorcycle theft black market internet van

In a single day they are able to get hold of four or five motorcycles . ¬ęThey do not usually stop to break the lock, they ride them freehand, and they even take the chains or pitons in case they have them between the wheels.

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#2 Clandestine workshops

motorcycle theft black market internet clandestine workshop

The Internet , with all its advantages, has become the space in which the majority of stolen motorcycles are offered , yes, after a process that contemplates cutting them apart or cloning them for others that have been destroyed in traffic accidents and that belong to same model and brand, all thanks to the frame number of these.

Once the process has been completed, the offer phase comes: they place an ad on Internet portals and contact the interested parties via email. The motorcycles can be sold whole or by parts , and if nobody wants them because they are old or in poor condition, they are placed in Morocco.

Regarding the price, there are two parameters to set it: if the buyer does not know that he is buying something stolen or if, on the other hand, he is aware that it is. In the first case, it can be between 10% and 20% below the market; in the second, it will be between 50% or 60% cheaper.

Considering the above, it is vitally important that anyone who owns a motorcycle take all possible precautions to prevent it from being stolen. On the other hand, if you want to buy one, it is preferable to do it for reasons that give the security that everything is legal.

#3 120 motorcycles are stolen a day

As for the victim of the robbery , he can have little hope of recovering what was his. It is much more complicated than in the case of cars, since motorcycles have fewer identifying elements and only some models and brands, especially the most expensive ones, have a geolocation system . Who suffers the theft of a motorcycle is practically doomed to loss, although there are different types of anti-theft that can make it much more difficult to steal it, although the best strategy is to know the advice that you must follow to avoid the theft of your motorcycle  or The  best motorcycle anti -theft .

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The aforementioned report from the insurer Pont Group speaks of the fact that some 120 motorcycles are stolen every day in our country. With this calculation, 2013 will end with 45,000 stolen units, if added from January 2010.

The most propitious season of the year is autumn, with 34.81% of the cases; they are followed by summer (30.38%); spring (20.89%), and winter (13.92%).

If you are a motorist, you should take the following tips into account: avoid parking in public spaces that are not guarded or illuminated; try to park near a video surveillance camera, between a wall and a car. The best thing is that the motorcycle sleeps inside a garage, although it is not a guarantee but it does make things more difficult for these mafias.

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