5 FAULTS and Common Problems When You Use the MOTORCYCLE

Do you have a motorcycle or are you thinking of buying one and want to anticipate possible breakdowns that it may suffer? If you are passionate about motorcycles, you will surely know that, like everything, they require maintenance, and that there are some things that can sometimes fail or need to go through the workshop as it happens with any vehicle. Although each motorcycle is different, the union of the mechanical part with the electronics that they carry today makes it necessary to periodically review certain elements so that driving it is always safe and, above all, extending its life so that you can enjoy those wonderful rides. outdoor.

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The vast majority of the elements of your motorcycle are exposed as they do not go inside the body as it happens in a car, in addition, they are in constant movement so that over time wear causes them to suffer some breakdowns like the ones we are going to see below . continuation. Undoubtedly, the best maintenance is good care and use of your motorcycle, as well as visits to the workshop from time to time, taking care of the parts that make up your motorcycle with care will save you in trouble and in your pocket. Let’s see the breakdowns in the most frequent motorcycles !

Components and parts that are most damaged on a motorcycle

Although all the parts of the motorcycle are exposed to changes in temperature and the use and maximum power of the motorcycle in question, there are some components that suffer more than others, and if you do not know it, you may have to pass for “sheet metal and paint”. The components that most often break on any motorcycle or moped are:

#1 Failure of the clutch of your motorcycle

The clutch is the most used part on a motorcycle . Its function is to unite or separate the rotation of the motorcycle engine with the transmission of the rear wheel. Due to frequent use, it is very susceptible to failure and breakage. Currently, repairing this component in a motorcycle mechanic shop costs 300 euros .

#2 Failure of the alternator of your motorcycle

The alternator is responsible for charging the motorcycle’s battery and powering its electrical system . When it fails, it cannot transform mechanical energy into electricity and the operation of the motorcycle is affected. Its repair is a little more expensive than the previous one, it is usually around 600 euros , but it is not always necessary to repair it completely, generally the failure comes from an internal part, which means up to 200 euros less.

#3 Fault in the engine management electronic control unit

The electronic control unit is a type of small computer that is responsible for electronically regulating the operation of the engine . Its deterioration is usually associated with the failure of the battery and the alternator . Its repair usually has an average price of 500 euros , while a new one will cost at least 800 euros.

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#4 Failure in the fuel pump of your motorcycle

This component is responsible for carrying the fuel from the tank of the motorcycle to the engine. It usually fails when the fuel is of poor quality or the tank has a large amount of residue at the bottom. Sometimes, even due to wear, it can have fuel leaks, which is very important to check. A new fuel pump can have a price of up to 500 euros , depending on the brand.

#5 Breakage or breakdown in the timing belt of your motorcycle

The chain or timing belt of a motorcycle is another of the parts that suffers the most damage due to its constant movement. The chain coordinates the movement of the crankshaft and camshaft so that the valves open and close without the pistons hitting them. A chain has a useful life of about 250,000 km , however, it can give you problems sooner and that is why it is vital to check it frequently. A new chain for your motorcycle can have a price of 350 or 450 euros depending on the model of your motorcycle.

Conclusion: Prevent the deterioration of motorcycle components

Knowing how to prevent the deterioration of the components of a motorcycle is of great importance, since it not only means saving good money that can be invested in other things, it also reduces the chances of getting stranded or having a serious accident on the road.

To prevent the deterioration of your motorcycle’s components, professional reviews and periodic mechanical maintenance are the perfect solutions. When a professional checks your motorcycle, he tells you which parts are suffering from wear, how to prevent more serious damage and which component you should change to prevent others from being damaged. You should always follow the maintenance instructions indicated by the manufacturer, and of course, have good motorcycle insurance that allows you to deal with any repair that you need.


What did you think of this  guide on the elements that can fail or be damaged on your motorcycle ? Would you add any more? Have you had any problems with any of them? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to  leave your comment  and we will be happy to answer you.

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